Research In Science and Engineering at Rutgers
Meet the RiSE 2011 Alumni

Kimaada Allette
Long Island University

Identification of RNA polymerase ω subunit in Chlamydia trachomatis

The seminar and GRE sessions provided me with knowledge that I had not acquired thus far in my undergraduate career.

Patricia Alvarado
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Effect of material properties and operating conditions on variability of feed rate in a continuous powder feeder

RiSE is an amazing experience. I definitely recommend this program.

Marietta Alvarez
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Powder Mixing Efficiency Of A Resonant Acoustic Vibratory Mixer

I learned new techniques in the lab and also made amazing friends.

Roger Arhin
CUNY-Lehman College

G-quadruplex stabilizing compounds as anticancer agents

Not only was the research organized to suit each individual's field, but RiSE also incorporated interesting extracurricular activities and seminars in which professionals from industry shared their knowledge and experiences.

Natalie Austin
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The effects of collagen 2D substrates and 3D matrices on neuronal precursor cell behavior

I got to know a diverse group of gregarious students with various scientific interests. Whenever I look back on the adventures I had with this group, I will definitely have a smile on my face.

Kimberly Box
University of Kansas

SNP Mapping to identify a novel morphogenesis gene in C. elegans

This summer impacted my personal development as a scientist by allowing me to diversify my research experience.

Apil Choi (RiSE Associate)



Adrian Clarke
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide and transition metal dichalcogenides in the form of thin films


Ana Correa
University of Puerto Rico

Functional genomics of salt resistance in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with applications in microalgal biofuel production

I gained confidence in the path I have taken towards a Ph.D. in Biophysics, focusing on bioenergy and renewable energy technologies to improve quality of life.

Sage Dunham
Westminster College

Spinel catalyzed flame synthesis of graphene and carbon nanotubes

The RiSE program directors are great people who thrive on helping the participants.

Liliana Fernandez
Albright College

Taste Masked Caffeine Using Gelatin B and HPMC Polymeric Film

Before this experience I knew nothing about oral drug delivery and now I feel comfortable giving a presentation on the topic.

Salim Ghodbane
The College of New Jersey

In vitro screening of hepatocyte defatting compounds using a hepatocyte cell line

This has been one of the most productive summers of my life and has reaffirmed that I want to pursue a Ph.D.

Lauren Henderson
Oakwood University

Preparation and characterization of liposomal form of prostaglandin E2 for treatment of pulmonary fibrosis

RiSE really opened my eyes to the various career paths you can pursue with a Ph.D.

Alfred Irungu
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Tablet dissolution characterization via computational image processing

Not only was I able to conduct meaningful research, but I was able to do so with a group of young aspiring scientists and engineers whose motivation and drive speak volumes about their potential to succeed.

Selimar Ledesma
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

The role of NIX in adipocyte differentiation

The research in the pharmacology department helped me to be more secure about the career I will follow.

Joseph Leveille
The College of St. Scholastica

Oxidative stress of KV2.1 holds significant evidence towards the mechanism of Alzheimer's disease

I have gained life-long friendships that I had never thought would be possible in such a short time. The diverse group of individuals has allowed me to learn so much about different cultures and ethnicities.

Wanze Li
Rutgers University

Evaluation of Lab-Scale Manually- Agitated Granular Powder

Even though we came from various backgrounds, we always supported each other and had tons of fun. I believe we made some lifelong friendships.

Danielle Mazza
Ramapo College of New Jersey

Measuring fluorescence output of alginate-chitosan nanoparticle phases

The graduate school and career panels helped me get advice from successful graduates.

Michael McCoy
University of Missouri-Columbia

Combined effects of carmustine and STAT3 siRNA silencing in glioblastoma spheroids

The process of creating the presentation and poster gave me valuable experience that I will definitely use in the future.

ValaRae Partee
University of Georgia

Activity of Bacteria in Air

Thanks to my mentor, my decision about getting a Ph.D. or going into industry has been made clearer.

Marisha Perkins
University of the Virgin Islands

Oxygen-Methylation of the Aldehyde Precursor for a 14-Membered Macrolide Antibiotic


Kandyce Perry
Spelman College

Development of a LC-MS/MS based method to quantify proteins in Cyanothece spp.Miami043511 for hydrogen production optimization

This research program opened my eyes to a new realm of renewable energy options.

Jonathan Porras
Marist College

Redox-neutral α carbon-hydrogen bond functionalization of nitrogen heterocycles via intramolecular 1,5 hydride shifts.

I was able to develop new skills and techniques that further my aspirations to attend a graduate program in chemistry.

Izmarie Poventud-Fuentes
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Effects of albumin nanoparticles' physical characteristics on tumor penetration

My future goal to pursue a career in the biomedical field has been strengthened greatly.

Alexander Proctor
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Parametric Analysis of Fluidized Bed Drying of Pharmaceutical Materials

I now have a solid desire to pursue my Ph.D., thanks to the very helpful and informative speakers and the weekly seminar class.

Eric Refour
University of Georgia

Investigation of the effect of varying aluminum volume fraction in three phase piezoelectric composites and the discussion of percolation

Rutgers is funding me to return during winter break to continue my RiSE research, hopefully leading to a journal publication!

Lexi René
Brooklyn College

Lens modeling of the galaxy cluster MACSJ0451.9+0006

I am grateful to have worked one on one with a graduate student and a principal investigator.

Dylan Richards
Furman University

POU3f2 Motif in Progenitor-Specific Gene Expression during Gallus gallus Embryonic Retinal Development


Diara Santiago
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

Surfactant protein-D regulation of macrophage phenotype is controlled by Nitric Oxide-mediated modification

The GRE classes were great. This program also gave me the opportunity to learn how to write a proposal and abstract.

Michelle Sempkowski
The College of New Jersey

Effects of liposome size and surface modification on cancer cell targeting and macrophage association

Simply put, without the RiSE/REU program at Rutgers, I would have never been able to discover my enthusiasm for research.

Gabriel Suárez
Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Metropolitan Campus

Elucidating high content organizational features of nuclear proteins in stem cells cultured in 3-D scaffolds

I've learned the art of putting a scientific poster together and how to communicate scientific knowledge in an effective manner.

Adrianna Torres
RiSE Associate



Vicky Weber
Ripon College

"You Need to Contact Your Local Library Directly:" Referrals in the Virtual Reference Environment

As a social scientist, I learned a lot about different scientific disciplines from my peers and was exposed to new ways of looking at the world.

Katrina Wunderlich
The College of New Jersey

A study in the synthesis of meta-substituted compounds

This experience and the insight of the individuals I met will play an invaluable role in my future.

Jose Zhagnay
Stony Brook University

Distinct roles of CUGBP1 isoforms during neurogenic phase of neocorticogenesis

The time that I spent in the lab made me realize I want to pursue a doctoral degree in neuroscience and hopefully one day have my own lab.