Research In Science and Engineering at Rutgers
Meet the RiSE 2010 Alumni

Mariangely Almenas-Santiago
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

A retrospective medical audit review to examine potential rates of organ donation

I've learned a lot about my research field in every aspect, and I've improved my independent working skills.

Kamil Amer
The College of New Jersey

Establishing Cell Polarity through Regulation of Actin Polymerization: Mapping of a novel gex gene in Caenorhabditis elegans

My mentors taught me a multitude of laboratory techniques but more importantly, provided me with insight and wisdom for the next ten years of my academic career.

Ayanna Campbell
Rutgers University

Oxidative Hydrophilization of Polyethylene for Controlled Release Applications

The RISE program was an amazing experience where I learned a lot not only by doing hands on research in a lab, but also about future career paths that I had never thought about before.

Robert Cichoki
The College of New Jersey

Evaluation of Photoinitiator and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Concentrations in a Collagen Gel for Optimal Cell Viability Following Photocrosslinking

Being able to relate to and speak with people in the same position, with the same opportunities, and similar ambitions was motivating.

Catherine DeBlase
Marist College

Catalytic Oxidation for Easy Functionalization of Alkanes using Iridium Pincer-ligated Complexes

As a rising senior, studying for the GRE was a primary summer concern. The RiSE program allowed me to hone my verbal reasoning in a weekly preparatory class.

Rose Filoramo
The College of New Jersey

Isolation of bacteria able to degrade the antimicrobial triclosan

RiSE is an exceptional program that allows students to learn about all aspects of the research process: from the inception of an idea to the finessing of the final presentation.

Amanda Flores-Torres
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Intracellular Signaling Assessment of Pancreatic Beta Cells Under Different Oxygen Supplementation Regimes

This experience has meant a whole new level of preparation for my graduate life and also has made me more conscious about the importance of graduate studies.

Yelena Ilin
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Effect of surfactant and high-shear stress on β-Carotene-in-triacentin nanoemulsions

My mentors proved to be much more valuable than any textbook in order to understand concepts and solve problems.

Maleshia Jones
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Development of Particle Imaging Velocimetry to Examine Nanoparticle Transport

Had I not participated in this program, I would not have had the luxury of getting a new perspective on a career in research and how I can help impact the future of science.

Monroe Kennedy III
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Effects of material composition and process parameters on the bonding strength of tablets

Thanks to the RiSE program I have been engaged in quality research and my desire to pursue a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering has been reaffirmed.

Emmanuel Méndez-Acevedo
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Coupled deformation and solute diffusion in swelling compacted solids

You start alone but you end up with a big beautiful family with members all across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Adam Midouin
The College of New Jersey

Granular Materials: Segregation and Mixing

I would definitely recommend this program to any undergraduates looking to conduct research.

Stephanie Mitnaul
University of South Carolina

Gene expression profiling of short-term changes in rat liver following sham burn and burn injury

Before RiSE, I was unsure of my future goals but now I've learned more about the GRE, professional skills and networking. With the valuable tools I've learned, I'm more prepared for the journey ahead.

Myreisa Morales
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras


At RiSE, I found how Organic Chemistry was done outside the books and gained new skills in science research.

Brett Noel
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Effects on Material Properties on Residence Time Distribution

I will forever appreciate the knowledge I have gained through working in the lab, from the guest speakers, and the friendships that were made.

Michelle Oyeka
Duke University

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Differentially Affects Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus of Males versus Females

I was given the opportunity to conduct research under one of the most influential people in the field of Neuroscience and Psychology. My questions were always carefully considered and I was given the right amount of attention.

Franklin Paulino
Montclair State University

Potentially druggable novel chlamydial transcription factors

Learning how to successfully present one's scientific work, in a poster session and oral presentations, is a priceless skill I learned.

Bruno Pinto
Hunter College of The City University of New York

Understanding elliptical galaxy formation through modeling gas motions in ultraluminous infrared galaxies

Erika Ramirez
Bloomfield College

Recycling the glycerol byproduct to maximize biodiesel production from algae: metabolic, energy storage, and photosynthetic effects

RiSE allowed me to expand my horizons, connect with my peers and have fun at what I love to do: work in the laboratory.

Christie Rodriguez
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Calcium channels unc-2, egl-19, and cca-1 function in axon guidance and outgrowth in C. elegans

I believe I have grown as a student, person, and researcher.

Eva Rubio-Marrero
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez


Besides working hard on my research project, I had the opportunity to interact with people from different countries. Here I felt a quick connection with all of the program students.

Eduardo Sanabria
University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla


I was looking for a great laboratory experience, meeting new and diverse people, and a lot of fun. I had it all.

Ethan Sebasco
Montclair State University

Investigation of Alu-containing CHK2 protein kinase as a novel selenoprotein

This is an amazing program and I highly recommend it to anyone hoping to make a career in the sciences.

Nicole Sermabeikian
University of Delaware


I feel like I have received a very good perspective on what it will be like to attend graduate school and work in a lab.

Antonio Smith
Grambling State University


The seminars made me more comfortable and confident in the career path I have chosen. The program also helped me to better my research and presentation skills.

Wallace Torres
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Flow Variability in Continuous feeders as a Result of the Refill Operation

The program has done an equally excellent job exposing me not only to the life of a doctoral program, but also to the opportunities available to those with higher degrees.

Kevin Trout
The College of St. Scholastica

Force generated and fibroblast growth upon expansion of a DNA-crosslinked polyacrylamide hydrogel

My mentors were helpful and involved in my project, while giving me space to work independently and figure out problems for myself.

Alexander Ucci
Ramapo College of New Jersey

Preparation of Functionalized Microporous Metal Organic Frameworks for Gas Storage and Separation

The RiSE program was very rewarding and I would definitely recommend it to colleagues who are considering graduate research. The GRE course made me more prepared for the exam which I will be taking soon.