Research In Science and Engineering at Rutgers
Meet the RiSE 2009 Alumni

Nianest Alers
University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla

Characterization of a putative negative regulatory element in the Sel P 3'UTR

As a result of this experience, I am now confident that I will excel in a Ph.D. program.

Lauren Anllo
The College of New Jersey

Molecular mapping of a novel morphogenesis gene in Caenorhabditis elegans

My mentor and near-peer mentors provided the guidance and support necessary to help me to be productive.

Rocio Arroyave
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Analysis of the effects of shearing conditions on the distribution of MgSt using Laser-Induced-Breakdown-Spectroscopy and Near Infrared Spectroscopy

The friends that you make here are great. Definitely the best experience ever!!"

Melvili Cintron
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Effects of dietary phytochemical cancer chemopreventive compounds in the transcriptional activation of the Nrf2-antioxidant signaling pathways leading to cancer prevention

This was a once in a life opportunity, and I believe I took full advantage of it.

Renée Clarke
New York City College of Technology

Investigation of surface energy changes during mirocontact printing.

I was able to gain knowledge about various career paths that I can get involved in with a Ph.D. and to see the different routes that successful people have taken.

Shirley Diaz-Hernandez
Universidad del Este

Directing Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells with Modified Collagen Scaffolds

This summer experience brought me the opportunity to develop my laboratory skills.

Samantha Espinosa
College of Saint Elizabeth

Direct Allene Synthesis

RISE offered firsthand experience in a research laboratory along with guidance in writing proposals, abstracts, and preparation for the GRE.

Howard Forbes, Jr.
University of the Virgin Islands

The application of dielectrical relaxation spectroscopy to determine the water content of various acetaminophen powders

I would recommend RISE to anyone interested in research in science and engineering. Words alone can't describe the worth of this program; the experience defined it all for me.

Nisha George
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Expression of antiangiogeneic protein, EMAPII, by pancreatic α and β cells


Simon Gordonov
Rutgers University (RiSE Associate)

Investigation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation, Viability, and Differentiation in 3-D Polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration

Through a unique combination of research involvement, personalized mentorship, and presentation experience, the RiSE program has propelled me to publish in scientific journals, excel in graduate school, and form an invaluable network with professionals in my field.

Laura Hagens
Rowan University

Studying the conformational changes in α-synuclein that lead to aggregation and onset of Parkinson's disease using cy3b dye


Mayda Hernandez
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

The effect of Beclin 1 heterozygosity on Aging in a mouse model


Joseph Hyman
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Comparison of Tablet Dissolution by Standard Testing (USP II) and Simulated In-vivo Conditions (TIM-1)


Liz Anet Jimenez-Martinez
Bard College


Co-sponsored by the DIMACS Institute Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Gulden Kaplan
The College of New Jersey

Screening for roles of conserved Caenorhabditis elegans microRNAs in models of injury-induced neuronal necrosis

I enjoyed my lab so much that I decided to stay an extra two weeks to finish my project to its entirety.

Caitlan Kowalsky
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Synthesis and Modification of Carbon Nanotube Fibers


Whitney Kropat
University of Washington

VLT/SINFONI observations of nearby Lyman Break Galaxy analogs


Daniel Mateo
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Flow variability in continuous powder feeders

RISE opened a window of opportunities in the field of study I want to pursue.

Morris Michael
Columbia University

Production of Nanosuspensions using Flow-Induced Phase Inversion (FIPI)


Madison Myers
University of Guam

Effects of alcohol exposure in utero on hormone receptor expression and mammary gland density


Emily Nowicki
The College of New Jersey

Examining Circadian Clock Candidate Genes in Emiliania huxleyi


Eileen Oni
Rowan University

Identifying microRNA precursors capable of cleavage by Microprocessor in embryonic stem cells

I learned a great deal on the life of a graduate student, what one can do once a degree is obtained, and about the various industrial opportunities available in the area.

Enmanuelle Pardilla
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

The formation of trace memories increases the survival while decreasing the proliferation of newly generated cells in the hippocampus of the adult brain

RISE helped to enrich skills like scientific writing and analytical thinking. The program helped me to grow as a better person and definitely gave me the perfect start in my research career.

Diane Render
Albany State University


Co-sponsored by the DIMACS Institute Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Jairo Sierra
Montclair State University

Suppression of GRM1 expression by siRNA in an ecdysone-regulated system in a human melanoma cell line


Janice Sotomayor
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Identification of genes that interact with the eukaryotic elongation factor 3 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Now I know what it is like to be a grad student. I also know for sure that Rutgers will be on my top list of universities for graduate school.

Lee Tillman
California State University, Northridge

The effects of stereotype-consistent information verses stereotype-inconsistent information on memory


Kelly Toppin
Shippensburg University


Co-sponsored by the DIMACS Institute Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Francisco Velazquez
University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla

Branching patterns differ between high and low frequency spiral ganglion neurons

It is these life changing experiences that inspire students to continue on not only for themselves, but for the sake of the community and the achievements they can help accomplish with a Ph.D.

Yasah Vezele
University of Rhode Island

Evaluation of Acetaminophen Powder Hydration using Raman Spectroscopy and Water Activity measurements

RiSE will be a part of my life as long as I live.

Bethany Walton
Ramapo College of New Jersey

Characterization of the Properties of Collagen-Like Domains from Bacterial Collagen

I honestly believe that I will be more successful in life because of my participation in RISE.

Immanuel Williams
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Allocation of Monetary Resources in HIV-infected Community