Research In Science and Engineering at Rutgers
Meet the RiSE 2003 Alumni

Olusimidele Akinsiku
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Project: "Investigating the relation of histone genes and the novel [KIL-d] element."

"This summer was definitely a worthwhile experience!"

Nkechi Amadi-Obi
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

Project: "Isolation, Culture and Transplantation of Human Umbilical and Neonatal Blood stem cells to spinal-injured rats."

“The RISE program helped me realize my future career direction.”

Jessica Ames
( )
University of Vermont

Project: "Organic synthesis and application of the natural product FR900482."

Anastasia Amoakoh
College of St. Elizabeth

Project: "The effects of Strip depletion on transcriptional silencing."

“The experience was incredible. I made good friends that I am sure will last a lifetime. My mentor was the best.”

Jasmine Bates
Virginia Union University

Project: "Regulation of CD44 expression in ovarian cancer cells."


Maria Carrero-Feliciano
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Project: "Structure-activity studies of the DNA binding and Topoisomerase I poisoning properties of the Dibenzo[c,h]1,6napthyridines."

“I really recommend other students do summer research because the experience …is unforgettable.”

Regina Celestin
Stanford University

Project: "Bandpass sampling of high SNR signals."

“At RISE I was able to perform research with some of the top researchers in wireless communications.”

Stephanie Chambers
Rutgers University

Project: "Effects of vegetable flavonoids and coffee diterpenes on human prostate cancer."

“RISE gave me the opportunity to do research in the field I want to work in when I finish school.”

Marielly Cuevas
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Project: "The Role of Presenilin-Associated Protein (PSAP) in T-cell Apoptosis."


Kevin Dupigney
University of the Virgin Islands

Project: "2. Molecular dynamic simulation of crystal-film interfaces."

“I had a great time in the RISE at Rutgers program and encourage would-be applicants to apply as soon as possible!”

Janmary Figueroa
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Project: "Regulation of tumor necrosis factor-a converting enzyme: Role of Cysteine 600."

“RISE at Rutgers/UMDNJ has been the most enriching experience that I’ve had.”

Darah Fontanez
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Project: "Transcriptional regulation of mycelin basic protein gene expression."

“Truly, the experience is amazing and strongly encouraging to pursue graduate studies.”

Joel Maldonado Custodio
University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Campus

Project: "Vesicular fusion assay for SNARE protein analysis."


Naadira McClain
Montclair State University

Project: "Site specifity of p40 AUF1 phosphorylation by protein kinase A and glycogen synthase kinase-3b."

“The program was excellent, I learned so much within a short period of time.”

Tyi McCray
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Project: "Investigating the role of disulfide bridges in amyloid formation in b-lactoglobulin."

“RISE gave me great insight into graduate school from talking to students and faculty to the culture of an academic laboratory.”

Patricia Nugent
Delaware State University

Project: "Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana mutant in histidine biosynthesis"

“The experience I had this summer was definitely worthwhile.”

Gina Rocco
New York University

Project: "Engineering three-dimensional substrates for cellular growth."

“It was one of the most productive summers I ever had. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming.”

Ernesto Rojas
Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Project: "Influence of rotational speed on desiccant wheel performance."

"This has been my greatest college experience so far.”

Ariel Ruffin
Tennessee State University

Project: "Influence of rotational speed on desiccant wheel performance."


Alicia Sherrell
Delaware State University

Project: "The role of IMPT1 in kidney stone disease."

“The RISE program is a very valuable experience that will help guide you to be prepared for the graduate school application process.”

Chelsie Swepson
Fayetteville State University

Project: "Investigation of the role of SIR genes in [KIL-d] expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae."



Cheryl Strelko
The College of New Jersey

Project: "Preparation of a nanostructured FeOOH and its potential for an active cathode intercalation material."


Nicole Torres
University of Puerto Rico

Project: "Attempt to identify the locus encoding the [KIL-d] prion-like element.."

“RISE has everything an undergraduate needs to know about graduate school.”

Lucieann Vechioli
University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Campus

Project: "Design and Manufacturing of Devices using Materials with Negative Poisson’s Ration (NPR)."

“The RISE program … helps you decide your next step after college.”